Slept in!

Semi unexpectedly as I was called off from work for 1/2 my shift (such is the life of nursing I guess).

Relaxed. Ate breakfast.

Took a walk with the pups and my friend. She graciously took Rhodie, and the 4 of us walked for about 1/2 hour-ish. It was really great! Talking, being out in the town, the weather, nature, the doggies finally getting some good walking-exercise. 🙂 

Visited with Nate over lunch.

Brushed the puppies. Caught up with my landlord. Did alil cleaning…sort of 🙂

Talked with my Aunt, had lunch with another girlfriend 🙂

Work was fine. Nothing too terribly exciting, but all in all not too bad. 🙂

Came home to an amazingly cleaned house – Thanks to Nate 🙂

Had dinner together – washed the dishes (right away 🙂 )

Cuddled and watched a movie together … The Vow.

A really good movie actually 🙂 I would describe it as truly a Love story 🙂 Maybe more details later 🙂



Since this blog has taken a bit of a new direction…the whole growing up and out aspect…I wanted to share a bit about this new book I’m reading. Written by Pastor’s Steve DeNeff and David Drury, it sets each of us out on a journey of growth and reflection. The ultimate goal to become more like God and developing the character traits that we have available to us. So…here are the chapters and “soul shifts” that I’m working through and will be over the next few weeks, months, years, etc…you get the picture.

1. Me to You

2. Slave to Child

3. Seen to Unseen

4. Consumer to Steward

5. Ask to Listen

6. Sheep to Shepherd

7. Me to We

I’ve heard before that God loves you just the way you are, but He loves you too much to let you stay that way (Pastor Len.) I agree. And although I can’t say that I’ve always “felt” that love or allowed myself to experience it to its ultimate potential, or even in the way God would want me to, but that it’s  like a parent mothering/fathering their child. Or in my case, my Puppy Mama experiences. 🙂  They love them just the way they are when they’re born; cute, gooey, bluish, loud, etc…but they love them so much that they feed them and clothe them so they grow and as they grow they nourish and attend to the needs of their physical body, but also their emotional growth and educational growth. They do all these things because they simply love them and want to see them grow and experience life to the fullest. To be the best person that they can be.

About a year ago I started this blog. Wrote in it a few times, an wouldn’t you know…let it dwindle. Well anyways…I’m going to give it a try again.

Wow…the past year has been a whirlwind in many ways.

-I’ve met and found a man I absolutely adore and love and will someday be my husband. :)Yes, engaged!

-I switched from working in Marketing/Public Relations back to my 1st love of Nursing (full-time)

-Rhodie now has a little playmate, Monty (another lab mutt). Most of the time I know she adores him and can’t imagine life without him. 🙂 Inspiring the name change.

-Lots has changed on the work front as “everything” has gone electronic…which has it’s pros & cons of course

-Rhodie is nearly 73lbs!Monty is 45! (pretty sure they’ve both reached their full growth potential)

-Weighing in at 73lbs Rhodie still seems to think she is a lap dog. Secretly I’ll admit though that I do love it.

-Nate is an absolutely wonderful man that I can’t wait to marry! (Next October 2013)

-And ultimately, God has blessed me with the opportunity to go back to India! Yay!

All these little updates just to briefly catch you up 🙂 I’ll try to be better now 🙂 Love!

Alright I know it’s been forever since I’ve written to all you die-hard fans out there 🙂 I know you’ve been waiting in Anticipation 😉 lol

Life’s been keeping me busy with work and decisions and dancing! 🙂 I love dancing! Can’t seem to get enough of it. I’ve kind of decided that, when life hands you lemons, not only should you make lemonade (with Vodka 😉 ) but you should also…Just Dance!!! Rhodie hasn’t quite gotten to taking dancing lessons, but we’ll get there.

A few updates…

-Rhodie had a hook worm…it’s gone now

-Rhodie now has a round worm 😦

-Luckily Rhodie is doing well…all worms aside. I however am constantly trying to keep things clean so those little wormies “GO AWAY!”

-Rhodie continually tries to eat her seat belt…It kind of makes me laugh even tho it’s slightly annoying 🙂

-Rhodie recently decorated my car with plant dust…AKA she felt the need to eat a plant in my car and “sprinkled” potting soil  EVERYWHERE

-I haven’t gotten to work the ER at all lately and I’m having slight withdrawls…to “massage my sorrows” I’ve decided to start drinking beer 🙂 haha

-Rhodie will be going to school soon…I just don’t know when or where…but soon

-We’ve learned a new trick…”Howdy Do” – It’s kind of like a shake 🙂

Anyways…I’d better get home now…I’m sure there are many laughs to come and I’ll do my best to keep you posted 🙂

Until next time…. 🙂

Well that’s dandy.

I woke up this morning to find a little, brown, wormy thing where Rhodie had been lying down.

On my bed.

Then I took in a poop sample to the vet and sure enough, Rhodie has a hookworm 😦

That’s no fun. My poor little girly is sick. So, today we start our medicine and hopefully we’ll be cured soon enough. I surely hope that I won’t get them…hmmm…yuck… Cleaning the house continues………

Anyways…on to happier thoughts 🙂

Summer is coming slowly…oh wait…happier thoughts…which means lazy summer Saturdays. Rhodie and I are starting a little bit early 🙂 This past weekend we laid around on the couch, watched movies and napped the afternoon away 🙂 It was really great 🙂

Saturday night, I had the great opportunity to see some wonderful friends. We ate dinner, had some drinks and went to a bonfire. It was so nice to be around genuine people who really care about each other. We had some great laughs…which were long overdue. 🙂

Sunday was Easter and I slept through church. I know, I cannot believe it. I was actually quite bummed. I did get the rest I needed for work though and I did still have lunch with Mom, Grandma and Jim. And then I got to be a nurse! Yay! 🙂 It was a busy shift and we ended up having to call in some help; however it all worked out; the patients are doing well and getting better. So, we must have done something right 🙂

Nursing, among other things, provides so many opportunities to serve and get to know people. I just love it.

Be warned…graphic and stenchy material awaits you… 😉

I’m learning more everyday about Rhodie. What she needs and wants and when; and I’m doing my best to accommodate. Truly. I can’t say I’m perfect, I might slack off here and there, but she definitely pays me back for my laziness. I think there is a semi-trust battle going on…well at least me with her.

I don’t quite trust her yet to come back to me off the leash…because she doesn’t…it’s a fun game you know…for HER.

And more so, now than ever, if she doesn’t want to get in the car, I now have to assume it’s not just because she’s being her normal Sassy Self. Let me enlighten you…

Friday afternoon, Miss Rhodie had the privilege of visiting Dr. Bob’s office. We had to get some vaccination updates, etc…the usual. I’m glad to report that she is young, healthy and growing like a weed. And of course everyone there is great and loves her too. I think her feelings towards them may be a little biased as they spoil her rotten with treats and what not. 🙂 hehe. But everything checked out great!

And just to assure me that there was nothing wrong with her bowel habits…we had a semi-Poopy Feet incident in the car. 

Poopy Feet Takes to the Streets

Poopy Feet on the Seat

We were getting ready to get in the car and Rhodie pulled away on her leash…I was trying to hurry and get back to work and didn’t listen like I should have, because I assumed she was being sassy. Well we know where “assuming” gets us. So…I guess I must praise her that when I called/pulled her back she came, however, she didn’t waste anytime in showing me her motives. Please see photo for more details 🙂

It’s simply self-explanatory.

 There was no avoidance, it happened in a matter of seconds.


It’s been a few days and things have been fairly calm on the Puppy Mama end of things. Rhodie is being a puppy and although she has every possible puppy toy in the world, she still enjoys to take a bite out of me every once and awhile.

Interestingly enough…we had an another incident. Sometimes I’m wondering what’s going through her mind? I mean did you realize that you just pooped on the floor? You must have because you ran to hide under the bed! 🙂

However, even more so…to add a little spice to the incident…apparently it makes sense to grab my jacket from the table and drag it through the wonderfully flourishing stench you have just planted on the floor.

Oh boy…she’s all puppy and more. Sassy as ever, but I love her to death.

However, I’m still very open to some feedback on how to avoid further poopy feet instances.

(PS…Although posted on April 19, this was a bad memory from April 15th)

Ok…so bear with me…I’ve never been a strong headline writer 🙂

This past weekend I had the awesome opportunity to visit my collegiate alma mater, Indiana Wesleyan University. I was also able to see some of my dearest friends and mentors. It was such a breath of fresh air 🙂

I made the trip for the initial reason of attending a bridal shower/party for a wedding I’m in next month. However, I was able to take an extra 24 hours simply enjoying the company of my friends and professors.

I have to commend the Indiana Wesleyan University Division of Communication, particularly WIWU TV-51 and the Media students in Studio Production on their great performance and presentation of Sketched Out! I loved it and the big bang ending of the marriage proposal of a dear friend only made it 10x better 🙂  I have to commend the hard work and dedication that I know goes into a “live” production. I’m proud to say that I was a member of that program as well 🙂

I was able to experience some great fellowship with dear friends, my favorite former professors and favorite former not-my-professors (Thanks Kurt!). I didn’t get to see everyone, but I guess that will rarely be possible with all the business of schedules, etc…

I then made my way to Indianapolis to spend some more time with more wonderful friends 🙂 Yep, it was just a reminder to me of how blessed I am to have such wonderful people in my life. J And I think I needed the reminder. My friend Greg gave me a brief tour of the Riley Hospital for Children! 🙂 We ended the tour on an extremely high note as we got to tour the Emergency Room! 🙂  Thank you to Jen who was such a kind and gracious Charge Nurse that evening 🙂 After hanging with Greg, I had dinner with Nathan. It was not just any dinner however; we had Indian food! 🙂 I love Indian food! 🙂  New India is one of our favorite places to go although there are so many options for Indian cuisine in Indianapolis. We ended the evening watching The Lincoln Lawyer. It was good – as expected 🙂  Not only because Matthew McConaughey and Ryan Phillippe are in it 🙂 I thought it had a good, twisted and interesting plot.

Saturday was a relaxing day to sleep in and do some bridal partying J AKA…two showers, sexy gifts, scavenger hunts, Italian dinner and the movie Soul Surfer 🙂

Sunday was a great day to attend church at the Nehemiah Project Church in Avon, Indiana (Suburb of Indy). I’ve never been before, but it was great 🙂 Had the opportunity to purchase some Josh Miles CDs – a portion his profits go towards anti-sex trafficking initiatives. This is something I am extremely passionate about and I would encourage anyone to research it and find out more information. The Nehemiah Project Church is also on Facebook; look them up. After church we had yummy Mexican food. I had Arroz con Pollo, Love It! 🙂

Sunday afternoon and evening turned into movie watching and great conversations with friends 🙂 Cannot pass that up those opportunities 🙂

Much to the chagrin of my parents, because they worry, I didn’t leave Indy until midnight 🙂 Have I mentioned I’m a night-shift nurse? This nighttime stuff tends to work for me 🙂 Drove home and made it just in time to go to work 🙂

Whew…what a great, whirlwind of a weekend 🙂

I can honestly say that it was a breath of fresh air and encouragement. 🙂 Thanks to all my favorite friends (Glenda, Jaclyn, Marissa, Alex, WIWU staff, Randall King, Kurt Edwards, Patty & Jim, Greg, Nathan, Ashley, Joy, etc…) for making this such a wonderful weekend 🙂 And thanks to my other BFF Ashley for watching Miss Rhodie 🙂

So here’s the story behind the name…if you’re interested…read on 🙂

I came home from work one day and my dear little Rhodie had an accident. It’s not quite her fault, she’s still learning. So I begin gathering the cleaning supplies and prepare for the cleaning process. This is fairly self-explanatory, we don’t really need to elaborate much further. As I kneel to pick up the goods, Rhodie comes bounding towards me. Most of the time, this isn’t a terrible thing, however this time, she misses.

She misses me, and lands right in the center of … well you know.

I tried to grab her and take her outside, but at this point, she thinks I’m playing.

Well…not so much.

She runs away from me and leaves her marks throughout the kitchen, etc…


I think it’s appropriate at this point to remind you…I mean, me…well both of us 🙂 that I do truly love my puppy.

She certainly keeps things interesting.

So there you have it…all ended well…the house is now clean and Rhodie is still learning.

Luckily we have avoided the “poopy feet” incident since then 🙂