So here’s the story behind the name…if you’re interested…read on 🙂

I came home from work one day and my dear little Rhodie had an accident. It’s not quite her fault, she’s still learning. So I begin gathering the cleaning supplies and prepare for the cleaning process. This is fairly self-explanatory, we don’t really need to elaborate much further. As I kneel to pick up the goods, Rhodie comes bounding towards me. Most of the time, this isn’t a terrible thing, however this time, she misses.

She misses me, and lands right in the center of … well you know.

I tried to grab her and take her outside, but at this point, she thinks I’m playing.

Well…not so much.

She runs away from me and leaves her marks throughout the kitchen, etc…


I think it’s appropriate at this point to remind you…I mean, me…well both of us 🙂 that I do truly love my puppy.

She certainly keeps things interesting.

So there you have it…all ended well…the house is now clean and Rhodie is still learning.

Luckily we have avoided the “poopy feet” incident since then 🙂