It’s been a few days and things have been fairly calm on the Puppy Mama end of things. Rhodie is being a puppy and although she has every possible puppy toy in the world, she still enjoys to take a bite out of me every once and awhile.

Interestingly enough…we had an another incident. Sometimes I’m wondering what’s going through her mind? I mean did you realize that you just pooped on the floor? You must have because you ran to hide under the bed! 🙂

However, even more so…to add a little spice to the incident…apparently it makes sense to grab my jacket from the table and drag it through the wonderfully flourishing stench you have just planted on the floor.

Oh boy…she’s all puppy and more. Sassy as ever, but I love her to death.

However, I’m still very open to some feedback on how to avoid further poopy feet instances.

(PS…Although posted on April 19, this was a bad memory from April 15th)