Be warned…graphic and stenchy material awaits you… 😉

I’m learning more everyday about Rhodie. What she needs and wants and when; and I’m doing my best to accommodate. Truly. I can’t say I’m perfect, I might slack off here and there, but she definitely pays me back for my laziness. I think there is a semi-trust battle going on…well at least me with her.

I don’t quite trust her yet to come back to me off the leash…because she doesn’t…it’s a fun game you know…for HER.

And more so, now than ever, if she doesn’t want to get in the car, I now have to assume it’s not just because she’s being her normal Sassy Self. Let me enlighten you…

Friday afternoon, Miss Rhodie had the privilege of visiting Dr. Bob’s office. We had to get some vaccination updates, etc…the usual. I’m glad to report that she is young, healthy and growing like a weed. And of course everyone there is great and loves her too. I think her feelings towards them may be a little biased as they spoil her rotten with treats and what not. 🙂 hehe. But everything checked out great!

And just to assure me that there was nothing wrong with her bowel habits…we had a semi-Poopy Feet incident in the car. 

Poopy Feet Takes to the Streets

Poopy Feet on the Seat

We were getting ready to get in the car and Rhodie pulled away on her leash…I was trying to hurry and get back to work and didn’t listen like I should have, because I assumed she was being sassy. Well we know where “assuming” gets us. So…I guess I must praise her that when I called/pulled her back she came, however, she didn’t waste anytime in showing me her motives. Please see photo for more details 🙂

It’s simply self-explanatory.

 There was no avoidance, it happened in a matter of seconds.