Well that’s dandy.

I woke up this morning to find a little, brown, wormy thing where Rhodie had been lying down.

On my bed.

Then I took in a poop sample to the vet and sure enough, Rhodie has a hookworm 😦

That’s no fun. My poor little girly is sick. So, today we start our medicine and hopefully we’ll be cured soon enough. I surely hope that I won’t get them…hmmm…yuck… Cleaning the house continues………

Anyways…on to happier thoughts 🙂

Summer is coming slowly…oh wait…happier thoughts…which means lazy summer Saturdays. Rhodie and I are starting a little bit early 🙂 This past weekend we laid around on the couch, watched movies and napped the afternoon away 🙂 It was really great 🙂

Saturday night, I had the great opportunity to see some wonderful friends. We ate dinner, had some drinks and went to a bonfire. It was so nice to be around genuine people who really care about each other. We had some great laughs…which were long overdue. 🙂

Sunday was Easter and I slept through church. I know, I cannot believe it. I was actually quite bummed. I did get the rest I needed for work though and I did still have lunch with Mom, Grandma and Jim. And then I got to be a nurse! Yay! 🙂 It was a busy shift and we ended up having to call in some help; however it all worked out; the patients are doing well and getting better. So, we must have done something right 🙂

Nursing, among other things, provides so many opportunities to serve and get to know people. I just love it.