Alright I know it’s been forever since I’ve written to all you die-hard fans out there 🙂 I know you’ve been waiting in Anticipation 😉 lol

Life’s been keeping me busy with work and decisions and dancing! 🙂 I love dancing! Can’t seem to get enough of it. I’ve kind of decided that, when life hands you lemons, not only should you make lemonade (with Vodka 😉 ) but you should also…Just Dance!!! Rhodie hasn’t quite gotten to taking dancing lessons, but we’ll get there.

A few updates…

-Rhodie had a hook worm…it’s gone now

-Rhodie now has a round worm 😦

-Luckily Rhodie is doing well…all worms aside. I however am constantly trying to keep things clean so those little wormies “GO AWAY!”

-Rhodie continually tries to eat her seat belt…It kind of makes me laugh even tho it’s slightly annoying 🙂

-Rhodie recently decorated my car with plant dust…AKA she felt the need to eat a plant in my car and “sprinkled” potting soil  EVERYWHERE

-I haven’t gotten to work the ER at all lately and I’m having slight withdrawls…to “massage my sorrows” I’ve decided to start drinking beer 🙂 haha

-Rhodie will be going to school soon…I just don’t know when or where…but soon

-We’ve learned a new trick…”Howdy Do” – It’s kind of like a shake 🙂

Anyways…I’d better get home now…I’m sure there are many laughs to come and I’ll do my best to keep you posted 🙂

Until next time…. 🙂