About a year ago I started this blog. Wrote in it a few times, an wouldn’t you know…let it dwindle. Well anyways…I’m going to give it a try again.

Wow…the past year has been a whirlwind in many ways.

-I’ve met and found a man I absolutely adore and love and will someday be my husband. :)Yes, engaged!

-I switched from working in Marketing/Public Relations back to my 1st love of Nursing (full-time)

-Rhodie now has a little playmate, Monty (another lab mutt). Most of the time I know she adores him and can’t imagine life without him. 🙂 Inspiring the name change.

-Lots has changed on the work front as “everything” has gone electronic…which has it’s pros & cons of course

-Rhodie is nearly 73lbs!Monty is 45! (pretty sure they’ve both reached their full growth potential)

-Weighing in at 73lbs Rhodie still seems to think she is a lap dog. Secretly I’ll admit though that I do love it.

-Nate is an absolutely wonderful man that I can’t wait to marry! (Next October 2013)

-And ultimately, God has blessed me with the opportunity to go back to India! Yay!

All these little updates just to briefly catch you up 🙂 I’ll try to be better now 🙂 Love!