Slept in!

Semi unexpectedly as I was called off from work for 1/2 my shift (such is the life of nursing I guess).

Relaxed. Ate breakfast.

Took a walk with the pups and my friend. She graciously took Rhodie, and the 4 of us walked for about 1/2 hour-ish. It was really great! Talking, being out in the town, the weather, nature, the doggies finally getting some good walking-exercise. 🙂 

Visited with Nate over lunch.

Brushed the puppies. Caught up with my landlord. Did alil cleaning…sort of 🙂

Talked with my Aunt, had lunch with another girlfriend 🙂

Work was fine. Nothing too terribly exciting, but all in all not too bad. 🙂

Came home to an amazingly cleaned house – Thanks to Nate 🙂

Had dinner together – washed the dishes (right away 🙂 )

Cuddled and watched a movie together … The Vow.

A really good movie actually 🙂 I would describe it as truly a Love story 🙂 Maybe more details later 🙂